Financial valuation

Our teams work with decision-makers at both large groups and small and medium-sized entities when they need advice on company valuations, intangible asset appraisals and financial instruments

We use our proprietary options product valuation tool to help our clients to evaluate management packages and complex financial instruments.

We apply a specific approach to valuing shares bearing specific rights such as multiple voting rights, cumulative preferred dividend rights and stripped shares.

Our technical skills


Valuation of management packages : appraisal of profit-sharing instruments (preference shares, free shares, BSPCEs (business creators’ share options), etc.) for the creation of management packages


Valuation of hybrid financial instruments (convertible bonds, bonds redeemable in shares, shares with warrants attached, etc.) in the context of recapitalization transactions and the application of IFRS (IFRS 9 and IAS 32)


Brand valuation in the context of the implementation of brand licensing agreements


Valuation of intangible assets in the context of purchase price allocation