Litigation support and alternative dispute resolution

Litigation support

Financial, accounting and tax disputes are a fact of life for managers of finance departments. In such situations, they and their lawyers need the advice of independent experts to explain the true consequences of the dispute and provide them with the technical arguments they need.

We can assist you in settling disputes and conflicts out of court, in court or via arbitration.

Agnès Piniot, Partner and President of Ledouble, serves as a finance expert at the Paris Court of Appeal.

Our technical skills

  • Appraisal of damages and loss of opportunity


  • Disputes involving financial calculations, for example in the application of price adjustment clauses


  • Disputes relating to company valuations


  • Commercial disputes regarding long-term contracts


  • Disputes concerning unfair competition


  • Financial or accounting disputes such as earn-out clauses and withdrawals from shareholders’ agreements


  • Disputes involving civil liability claims against accountants or auditors


  • Disputes concerning the interpretation of accounting standards (IFRS)


  • Calculation differences in the context of employee profit-sharing

Examples of assignments

Market abuse: insider dealing

  • Engaged by the accused shareholder as an expert
  • Estimation of the impact of endogenous and exogenous factors on share prices

Shareholder disputes: withdrawal of minority shareholders

  • Appointed as an expert for the minority shareholders
  • Evaluation of an energy group and the respective investments of various minority shareholders in the context of a planned wind-up

Shareholder disputes: price adjustment clauses

  • Appointed as an expert acting for a party
  • Application of price adjustment clauses in contracts

Business disputes: failure to fulfil a contract

  • Appointed as an expert acting for a party
  • Evaluation of material loss and moral prejudice

Accounting, fiscal and corporate disputes

Appointed as an expert acting for a party in a large scope of disputes:

  • Dispute concerning the interpretation and application of IFRS
  • Tax dispute regarding a brand licensing contract in place within a group
  • Tax dispute on the deductibility of interest
  • Dispute regarding employee profit-sharing calculations and values

Claims against fellow professionals (auditors and accountants)

Ledouble regularly assists fellow professionals when civil claims are brought against them. These cases mainly revolve around the application of professional standards.

Conflict resolution

We can assist you with mediation, conciliation or arbitration relating to finance or accounting.
We also operate as voluntary liquidators in cases requiring our financial expertise.