Why choose Ledouble?


Our staff, at every level, have a solid educational background in finance andaudit, together with experience in valuation and accounting standards.
We aim to draw the best out of our staff by sharing with them our ethics, our expertise, our methods and our enthusiasm for the essence of our profession: making figures work.

Varied jobs and opportunities to take responsibility

All our staff share a love of challenges and a desire to enrich their careers by taking on more responsibility.

We are constantly looking for talented people to join our teams.

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Job name

Responsable de mission Audit & Expertise financière





Job description

Description du poste
Spécialisé dans l'ingénierie comptable et financière, nous souhaitons renforcer notre département audit et expertise financière par l’accueil au sein de nos équipes d’un responsable de mission junior.
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